People's Tax Page is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to teaching people about tax and economic policy. Our goal is to create and curate video, audio, and written works that teaches advanced policy in a manner that anyone can understand.


We work to produce video lessons and podcasts about the tax and economic policies that affect people the most. We are excited to keep working to achieve our mission, and to grow as we produce more content and reach more people. We have more videos, podcasts, and lesson plans in the pipeline that will further take complex policies that our expert professor, Edward McCaffery, works with, and simplifies in a way that the people can understand, and will be engaged in while learning.


If you would like to learn more about the principles that underlie our content, please visit our Sources page to find videos and articles that give a more detailed analysis of these subjects.


Edward McCaffery

An internationally recognized expert in tax law, Professor Edward McCaffery studies tax policy, tax structures, public finance theory including behavioral public finance, as well as property law and theory, intellectual property, and law and economics. He teaches Federal Income Taxation, Property, Intellectual Property, and Tax Law and Policy at USC Gould School of Law. He founded the People's Tax Page in an effort to reach a wider audience and explain basic concepts of tax and public finance to the people.

Michael Greenwade

Michael Greenwade is the Executive Director at The People's Tax Page (PTP), a second year law student at USC's law school, and the father of two young boys, Christian and Carter. Relative to his position at PTP, Michael has worked in a start-up production company where he wrote and recorded songs for artists, produced music videos, and executed strategic business plans to further company standing. Michael obtained his undergraduate degree with honors at USC's Marshall School of business.

Madeleine Rodriguez

Madeleine Rodriguez is the Art Director for the People's Tax Page. Having graduated from USC's Cinematic Arts school, she is in charge of all animation production and graphic work. When she is not learning more about tax or drawing unicorns, she can be found drinking boba or collecting art books.

Maurice Osei

Maurice Osei (Mo) is currently a law student at USC.  Hailing from Northern Virginia, he is the People’s Tax Page’s Communications Director and assist in content strategy.  Serving as our liaison to the public he uses his experience in social media and publicity in order to generate roll-out schedules for our content and also aids in posting general information about current tax and financial policy and being discussed.  He also aids as a reoccurring voice on our podcasts and recruiting volunteers and other various helping hands in our mission to educate about tax!

Eric Nyman

Eric Nyman is currently a USC law student and Mo's right hand man for business development, social strategy, and fundraising. From South Florida, Eric looks forward to helping the People's Tax Page grow through fundraising campaigns and generous donations. Inquiries about PTP's fundraising efforts or business inquiries can be directed to

Anthony Farnesi

Anthony Farnesi is the master of all things web related. He is from the Central Valley of California, and is currently a second year USC law student. He has a passion for all things space or tech related, and will not stop lobbying us about starting a similar page either titled "The People's Space Page" or, perhaps, "MySpace." Please do not encourage him.

Disclaimer: People's Tax Page is not designed to provide personal tax or financial planning advice.

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